If you have an image that you want embroidered, email or bring it into the shop. We’ll let you know if it will work for embroidery. If not, we’ll make suggestion on what to edit.

If your image is not already converted into an embroidery format, it will not run-on embroidery machines. Graphic files are good for viewing an image, but the machines won’t know what to do with it. Should you bring in an embroidery file not digitized by Fast Embroidery, we’ll try it, but cannot take responsibility for the quality of embroidery.

Either way. We have some of the newest styles made just for embroidery embellishment.
You may also bring us your own garments.

Relax. This is pretty common and Fast Embroidery is setup for just this kind of emergency. In most cases, we can turnaround a job very fast. Rush fees may apply.

Embroidery is custom work and we need to see what you need done before quoting. Email us your project and we’ll return with a quote. If we need clarification, or if you need clarification, we’re just a phone call away.

Stop right their partner. Fast Embroidery & Apparel does not, and will not embroider copyrighted or trademarked materials, unless you have permission to use it from the owner.

No problem. BUT, try writing the same size letters with a felt pen on a paper towel. Thread can only embroider so small, and some fabrics accentuate the look. We suggest a minimum font size of .25” height. Much smaller is a challenge.

Our hoops max out at 17”, so we can embroider a bit smaller than that. This is a size for very large jacket back embroidery and framed artwork. We can go larger on non-contiguous patterns. Call or email us for more info.

We accept both large and small orders. Even if you need just a cap embroidered, or a name on a shirt, we’d love to work with you.

After placing your order, any cancellation will incur a minimum 20% cancellation charge. Merchandise that is currently in production cannot be canceled.